Summation Legal Software

Summation is a legal review platform that enables law enforcement, government agencies, enterprises, and law firms to streamline operations related to eDiscovery, data visualization, document review, team collaboration, and more. Administrators can manage individual access rights so that they can add or access case files from the database. Summation has undergone a lot of changes over the years in terms of software licensing, and it hasn`t really kept up with new technologies and updates. Summation was a very heavy software to process slowly, to process production sets Summation iBlaze has been the processing software of choice for Canadian law firms for over a decade. The new web-based summation platform is easy to use and seamlessly combines data processing, early case assessment and final review for a more efficient workflow. Summation is a single, comprehensive, web-based legal review platform that provides teams with a single tool to manage all stages of post-collection eDiscovery. Based on proven FTK processing technology, Summation combines case processing, review and organization into one product for the most cost-effective and fastest eDiscovery. It uses a unique, shared, and judicially secure database and back-end data and never has to travel during the eDiscovery process, reducing the risk of data loss and theft. Advanced case data filtering offers hundreds of unique facets and seamless integration with Quin-C, AccessData`s powerful additive technology for expedited legal review. Summation is a classic software that many people in the industry are familiar with. This familiarity is a selling point. Details of the free trial version of Summation have not been shared by the provider. Summons efficiently organizes document production so that documents can be found easily and quickly, which is incredibly useful in an emergency! It also simplifies the Bates labeling process by doing it for you when uploading documents.

Summative pricing can be done in detail as needed upon request on the website. Summation pricing plans can also be requested from customer service. While summation was the dominant tool (whether like iBlaze or Pro) for law firms until a few years ago, it failed to keep up with the rapid advancement of eDiscovery technologies and requirements. Ricoh eDiscovery is proud to be a reseller of AccessData Elite and the first summation partner in Canada to offer the technology as a truly scalable end-to-end web-based and eDiscovery solution. No opinion yet. Rate this app or be the first to rate. Summation provides end-to-end eDiscovery platforms that provide data processing, ECA, and final exam in one. The near-native blackening and word boundaries allow writing first, then only smaller, redacted documents. Summons includes built-in case organizer features that facilitate collaboration on cases and help teams easily record, organize, and search for key facts, relevant events, key witness statements, questions, and summaries as they prepare for trial. The browser`s briefcase feature allows secure web access to the suitcase from anywhere, even when it`s offline. Very useful when trying to verify statements.

This is useful when researching keywords and when working on deposit summaries. It takes some time to learn how to navigate and use it. I`m sure I haven`t explored all the fantastic achievements he could have. You can install on your own local servers and are not responsible for every GB of data you download/export, nickle & dimed Technical support for this product is excellent For more information on summation, click here or contact our sales team today. Processing is slow and errors most of the time. It uses Silverlight in IE which seems to block the loading of images. The recently released Summary 4.1 takes into account important customer and partner feedback on basic design and functionality. Updated features include imaging enhancements, database caching for faster responses, and an editable grid view. It`s a powerful tool – but the learning curve is steep It`s helpful to process emails and convert them to PDFs. If you don`t have a PDF program like Power PDF Nuance. I love the display setup and features of Summation.

The no-summons demo can be purchased online by visiting the website via the product`s built-in features and a key to use. Currently only works in Internet Explorer (or Chrome with IE extension installed) Most users (at least here) struggle to learn how to maneuver in a case Management can be a bit stressful if case processing crashes or crashes for some reason. In this sense, when a case is dealt with (OCR, indexing, etc.), the program takes every bit of the processor on this server. It will work at 97% until it is done. There`s no way to limit this to 80% or less.