Nebraska Rental Property Laws

Articles 69 to 2301. Act as cited. 69-2302. Terms, definition. 69-2303. Personal property remaining on the premises; Owner; Tasks; notice; Content; Delivery. 69-2304. Notices; Instruction required. 69-2305. Notices; Shape. 69-2306. Owner; Property; removal and storage; Responsibility.

69-2307. Landlord; Release of personal property; when. 69-2308. Sale of personal property; if necessary; Sales advertising; Requirements; Sale of the product. 69-2309. Delivery or disposition of personal property; Owner`s responsibility. 69-2310. Storage costs; as noted. 69-2311. Apartment owner; transfer of personal property to residential tenants; Conditions; Applicability of the section. 69-2312.

A landlord who retains personal property; Admissible civil action. 69-2313. Lost personal belongings; Disposition; Responsibility. 69-2314. Remedies; Non-exclusive. Section. 76-1401. Act, as cited.

76-1402. Bedbug; Construction rules. 76-1403. Applicable additional principles. 76-1404. Construction against implied cancellation. 76-1405. Remedies; management and enforcement; Obligation to mitigate damage. 76-1406. Regulation; allowed. 76-1407.

Competent jurisdiction; Territorial scope. 76-1408. Exclusions from the application of sections. 76-1409. Courts; Jurisdiction. 76-1410. 76-1411. Good faith commitment. 76-1412. 76-1413.

76-1414. General conditions of the lease agreement. 76-1415. Prohibited provisions in leases. 76-1416. deposits; Prepaid rent. 76-1417. Disclosure. 76-1418. Owner for the delivery of possession of the dwelling. 76-1419. Owner for the maintenance of the premises.

76-1420. Limitation of Liability. 76-1421. Tenant to maintain the dwelling. 76-1422. Rules and regulations. 76-1423. Access.

76-1424. 76-1425. Non-compliance by the owner. 76-1426. Non-delivery of possession. 76-1427. Unlawful failure to provide heating, water, hot water or basic services. 76-1428.

Non-compliance by the landlord as a defence to the claim for possession. 76-1429. Fire or accidental damage. 76-1430. Recourse of the tenant in case of illegal removal, exclusion or reduction of service by the owner. 76-1431. Non-compliance; non-payment of rent; Effect. 76-1432. Recourse in case of absence, non-use and abandonment.

76-1433. Waiver of the owner`s right of termination. 76-1434. Owners` Privileges; seizure of property; forbidden. 76-1435. Recourse in case of dismissal. 76-1436. Limited recovery of possession. 76-1437. Periodic rental; Preservation remedies.

76-1438. Corrective actions taken by landlords and tenants in cases of abuse of access or access. 76-1439. Reprisals are prohibited. 76-1440. Action for possession. 76-1441. Request for restitution; Ranking; Content. 76-1442. Subpoena; Content; Edition; Service; when; Affidavit of Service. 76-1443. Continued; when.

76-1444. Default of the defendant. 76-1445. The defendant may appear and answer. 76-1446. Trial; Judgement; notice of restitution; Edition. 76-1447. Vocation; Effect.

76-1448. Date of entry into force; Sections; Applicability. 76-1449. Transactions made before the effective date; Effect. Landlord and Tenant Handbook – Produced by Legal Aid of Nebraska, this handbook provides more detail on many common laws between landlords and tenants and their impact on both parties. Section 76-1450. Act as quoted. 76-1451. Objectives; Construction. 76-1452.

Applicable complementary legal principles. 76-1453. Recourse; management and enforcement; Obligation to mitigate damage. 76-1454. Settlement of claims or rights. 76-1455. social housing; Not subject to the law. 76-1456. Jurisdiction and service of proceedings. 76-1457. Definitions found. 76-1458.

76-1459. Housing unit, defined. 76-1460. Good faith, defined. 76-1461. Housing Act, definition. 76-1462. Owner, defined. 76-1463. Mobile home, defined.

76-1464. Mobile home stock, defined. 76-1465. Mobile home room, defined. 76-1466. Owner, defined. 76-1467. Rent, defined. 76-1468. Lease, defined. 76-1469.

Rent deposit, defined. 76-1470. Subtenant, defined. 76-1471. 76-1472. Good faith commitment. 76-1473. 76-1474. 76-1475. General conditions of the rental agreement. 76-1476.

Improvement of premises for mobile homes; Property; Duty of the tenant. 76-1477. Provisions prohibited in verbal leases. 76-1478. Forbidden. 76-1479. Disclosure. 76-1480.

Non-disclosure; Effect. 76-1481. Written lease agreement; Delivery. 76-1482. Explanation of incidental costs and services; Obligatory; when. 76-1483. Rent deposit; Restriction. 76-1484. Rent deposit; How to manage. 76-1485. Rent deposit; Return; Deductions.