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Information to help you understand your estimated cost of attendance can be found on WVU`s Student Financial Services website. In the tables below, the above assumptions are used to estimate debt under 30 scenarios per table. The first scenario – the top left cell – shows no rebates on tuition and borrowing the maximum cost of living ($15,677). Move to the other side of the row to see the impact of a larger tuition reduction on loans that end with a full-time discount. The column on the far right shows a student paying $0 in tuition each year. Each additional line reflects the annual savings on the cost of living. Using the example in the last column, the upper right cell reflects borrowing the maximum amount for the cost of living. The cell below reflects savings of 5% per year. The bottom line reflects a student spending 25% less than the maximum amount for living expenses.

Choosing a law school is a big investment on the path to a rewarding career. The good news is that WVU Law is still recognized as an affordable and inexpensive law school. We strive to reduce costs and find ways to help our students pay for the legal education of their dreams. The following links discuss the variety of financial aid options available to WVU law students: These figures do not reflect loan prepayments, the standard six-month grace period, and interest. We expect scholarship amounts to remain constant and not to keep pace with tuition increases (with the exception of 100% scholarships). However, we expect the percentage to be lower than the estimated cost of living of the school with annual earnings. Student loan interest rates change annually based on the U.S. government`s performance on 10-year government bonds. To forecast your actual attendance cost and monthly payment, you need to forecast the 10-year Treasury returns for each of your three years at law school.

The standard Treasury rate we use on this website is the last yield used for student loans, set annually based on the high yield from the last 10-year Treasury bill auction in May. The total cost of attendance at West Virginia University (including tuition, fees, and living expenses) for the 2019-2020 academic year is $39,598 for WV residents and $56,118 for non-residents. [19] Law School Transparency estimated the cost of participating in debt financing for three years at $152,702 for WV residents and $206,968 for non-residents. [20] This is what the school states that attendance fees, including tuition and living expenses. This figure usually reflects 9 or 10 months of cost of living. Typically, the school`s published attendance cost determines how much you are allowed to borrow in student loans. Various parts of this website allow you to consider assumptions that adjust the maximum amount you can borrow, which is determined by the self-reported cost of attending law school. Factors include residency (for public schools), LDS faith (for BYU), student discounts, and monetary contributions. Each factor offsets the need to fully fund the cost of attending law school. This is the amount you would have to pay if you borrowed the full cost of attendance, taking into account the interest that accumulates during school. WVU Law has been a member of AALS since 1914 and was fully endorsed by the ABA in 1923.

The college has had a chapter of the Order of Coif since 1925. WVU Law ranks #117 in terms of the highest median GPA (3.38) among applicants admitted and enrolled as full-time students. 101 Law School Drive Morgantown, WV 26506 (304) 293-5304 To determine the median wage, jobs classified as “benefits for young women” were excluded (i.e., positions for which the employer requires a JD or considers it advantageous to hold such a degree, but where admission to the bar is not required). The percentage of all students enrolled (not just 1Ls) in a given academic year who do not receive a tuition reduction, whether on request or not, or with or without conditions. WVU Law ranks #165 in terms of student selectivity with an acceptance rate of 61.5% among those who applied for admission. WVU Law is tied for #95 in terms of median starting salary among graduates working in private practice as a law firm clerk ($70,000). WVU Law is for #74 in terms of the highest percentage of professors who are women (42.1%). Based on your feedback, we calculate how much you owe when your first loan payment is due and how much that loan payment will be. 3.6% of 1L 2020 had reduced or cancelled their scholarship after the first year. 69.4% of 1Ls had a conditional scholarship, so 5.2% of conditional fellows paid more than expected in the following years. Learn more. In 1989, law school graduates received degree privileges in West Virginia.

This meant that WVU Law graduates were not required to take the West Virginia Bar test. You were automatically called to the bar after graduation. [3] The most common bar exam for a graduate of West Virginia University School of Law is the uniform bar exam. The successful UBE score in West Virginia is 270. [17]. #101 in the degree employment rateWVU Law ranks #86 in terms of graduates employed ten months after graduation (78.3%) and #101 in terms of graduates employed at graduation (43.4%). Estimated Cost of WVU Law Student Attendance, 2022-2023 The amount (including fees) you pay a school for its educational services during a given period, i.e. Pay every quarter, semester or year.

Unless otherwise stated, the tuition fee quoted by us is the price of the sticker. The price of the sticker corresponds to tuition fees without reduction (or scholarship). For public schools, state residents generally receive a lower price than non-residents. WVU Law is tied for #115 in terms of median LSAT score (153) among applicants who have been admitted and enrolled as full-time students.