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Check to instantly update business information, respond to reviews and more! Are you facing an IRS audit? If your information isn`t presented correctly, the IRS may use its own calculation to determine your tax burden, which can result in a significantly higher amount than you actually owe. We will judge what needs to be done and we will execute it. With an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, we have proven time and time again that we are capable of solving any tax problem. “They were very professional and available to listen and explain everything. I would definitely recommend them to a friend. “They always take care of everything with one person doing everything. In addition, you can get a free phone consultation to decide if working with tax lawyers is right for your tax issues. Can`t find W2, 1099 or other tax forms? No taxpayer wants to face the IRS alone. Tax lawyers negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and do what they can to reduce your tax arrears and eliminate fines and penalties. They have been good to me. They keep in touch with me. I would recommend them to a friend.

They were very consistent with everything they did for me. I would recommend Tax Law Advocates if I had a friend who needed tax help. Are you currently seized, taken or have a lien on your property? They were wonderful! They contacted me whenever something needed to be done. I loved the organization and the people who helped me. I recommended them to my friends. Tax services include the release of privileges and rights, the reduction of penalties, the representation of auditors and the negotiation of compromise offers. The company can also help you with valuation corrections and report your correct income to the IRS so you can pay an accurate tax bill. You can also negotiate payment agreements. If you are late in paying your taxes or have filed your taxes incorrectly in the past, tax lawyers can help you with late filing or a change of return. Do you have a tax officer who is constantly trying to collect your taxes? I would give them a 5/5 because they had good communication and so far it has been good.

The result was very cheap, so I would give them a 5 out of 5 and recommend them. Tax Law Advocates is a tax consulting firm based in Santa Ana, California. According to the website, the firm has been operating since 1990 with a team of licensed tax professionals, including CPAs, tax lawyers, and registered agents who negotiate on behalf of clients to reduce their IRS tax arrears. They answered all my questions when I called and answered when I needed to. They helped me and I would recommend them. Meeting IRS auditors can be scary. You may be worried that you won`t be able to pay your tax arrears or go to jail for tax evasion. Tax Law Advocates` tax professionals will assist you during this stressful time and ensure that all audit documents are presented correctly. The team will help you demonstrate that your expenses are legitimate and that your income entitlements are correct. If you are examined unfairly or incorrectly, tax lawyers are available to defend you. You may notice that Yelp users haven`t asked any questions about Tax Law Advocates yet.

Tax lawyers can negotiate a payment plan with the IRS on your behalf so you can fall back on your taxes without compromising your quality of life. The Company also accepts payment plans for fees associated with its services. Are you currently receiving notifications threatening collections? It was easy to pick up the phone and ask the person to help me. They were readily available. “When I called them, they called me back immediately. They were great and I would recommend them. “I recommended Tax Law Advocates to my friends! They couldn`t have done a better job and I got a good result. “If you need to release a lien or levy, or if you want to end wage garnishment, tax lawyers can help. The firm`s tax professionals are familiar with tax law and know the right steps to take to avoid losing your savings, your home, your business or your future income.

It was a good experience and I would recommend it to my friends. I have recommended tax lawyers and will continue to do so! Tax lawyers can negotiate a compromise offer with the IRS and a staggered payment agreement to reduce your total tax arrears and give you more time to pay. Clients report that their total tax arrears have been reduced by the thousands, giving them the time and freedom to rebuild their business or get their finances back on track. Tax lawyers reduce the stress associated with tax arrears by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. I would give a 4/5 as no one is perfect, but I would recommend it. Crystal was awesome! She kept me updated every step of the way and significantly reduced my debts (left by a divorce and an ex who “couldn`t cope”). All I had at the end was mine! Highly recommended Your service was good but I thought I would get more than I did. I would recommend them.