Street Legal Sand Rails

Golf basket Refurbished batteries starting at $59.99 plus core replacement. Golf cart, solar, pallet lift, scissor lift, floor scrubber Deep cycle batteries: 6 volt batteries $59.99 and up core replacement $79.99 without. 8 volt batteries $69.99 plus core replacement $89.99 without. 12 volt batteries $99.99 plus core replacement $135.00 without ** Refurbished Group 31 and 27 batteries for $59.99 or more core. **Auto/truck batteries $59.99 and up, plus core replacement. First Houston Batteries Call or Text Pete281+701+6379 These are Brand New Street Legal 4 X 4. They are made in New Mexico and sell like crazy! Be the first in your neighborhood to own one and drive through the city streets without fear of being run over. They come in all colors and have all the features of a full-size car like lighting, signals, and indicators, but ride like a full-fledged ATV with all the proven stability suspension you only get on a sand track. Stripped, equipped with a tubular chassis and equipped with a hot-rod engine, it has the power-to-weight ratio of a slingshot and yes, it is completely legal on the road. Go out and have fun in the dirt, guilt-free, because you won`t break this purpose-built sandtrack. There`s really no body worth mentioning, and all the material is there, so they`ve done a great job of making it beautiful. The red frame and tubular frame show high-quality welds dressed and finished before painting everything, so it`s almost too pleasant to go out and play in the dirt. For comfort, Lexan panels have been placed on the sides of the body to provide a minimum level of protection without compromising the illusion of a bare off-road machine with unparalleled visibility in all directions.

You won`t center it on a rock you haven`t seen. It is properly equipped with headlights, turn signals, horns, bumpers (well, sort of) and taillights, both below and in height, so that it is clearly visible in traffic. It`s also a lot of fun to drive through bigger, slower cars as if you`re riding a 4-wheeled motorcycle. A pair of racing buckets have been bolted to the frame, diamond plate bottoms have been made for bottom protection, and you get the minimum equipment needed to operate a motor vehicle. Once you`re there, it`s actually pretty convenient, and the passenger gets a handy handle that`s there, you know, just in case. For the driver, there`s a competition-style deep steering wheel, a 4-speed shifter with T-handle and a range of Equus displays that include a speedometer, voltmeter, tachometer and oil pressure to monitor the engine. No radio, no heating, no air conditioning, nothing that would have fun and drove fast. Honestly, you`ll have more fun watching the front wheels do their thing and the reactions of the drivers around you than you would listen to the radio anyway. The roof is another diamond plate that`s not really meant to keep rain away from your head, but maybe it keeps the sun out of your eyes when you play. It is titled Volkswagen Beetle 1973 because most of the material came from one. The engine is a well-known air-cooled four-cylinder boxer, professionally built for this car and its intended use.

Dual carburetors, custom exhaust manifolds, and lots of chrome make it not only fast, but also an attractive part of the big picture. It is clearly designed for harsh environments with sturdy fittings and braided stainless steel pipes, as well as a large raised polished gas tank. The four-wheel independent suspension allows it to jump over obstacles without injury, and with disc brakes on all 4 wheels, it stops as best it can, another advantage of its tiny curb weight. Chrome wheels don`t have to be strong to be effective, and with the offset radials 216/65/15 at the front and 295/50/15 at the rear, you don`t mind wandering the streets or paths. It`s a toy, no doubt, but few toys are as functional and as well made. Come with us on a walk and you`ll see what we mean. Call now! Volkswagen Dune Buggy 1973 for sale Volkswagen Dune Buggy 1973 for sale Stock #847-DFW Charlotte Showroom 5400 West WT Harris Blvd Charlotte, NC 28269 Local/International: (704) 598-2130 Toll Free: (866) 542-8392 Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9AM – 6PM EST Sat: 9AM – 5PM EST Email: [email protected] Atlanta Showroom 213 Thornton Rd Lithia Springs, GA 30122 Local/International: (678) 279-1609 Toll Free: (877) 367-1835 Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm EST Sat: 9 am – 5 pm EST Email: [email protected] Dallas/Fort Worth Showroom 5400 Sandshell Dr Fort Worth, TX 76137 Local / International: (817) 764-8000 Toll Free: (855) 877-2707 Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 am – 6 pm CST Sat: 9 am – 5 pm CST Email: [email protected] GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. Subject to the eBay User Agreement, by placing a bid, you enter into a legally binding contract and agree to purchase the vehicle described above. Details of this commitment are described in more detail in the eBay User Agreement.

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