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But most often the emplastrum of ranis mercurio is applied to it; And if it does not matter, we rub the nodus from tems to tems, with a little mercury ointment, after which we apply patches of cinnabar mercury and other ingredients. Small exostoses or tumors in the form of small nodules that rise to the surface of bones and make them uneven are usually taken as nodus. See exostosis. Home > Dictionary > Definitions of the word “nodus” Definition of noduspresented by – These definitions of the word nodus are given as an indication and are taken from royalty-free dictionaries. Additional information about the word nodus is provided by the editors of Some call nodus or nodes, all hard tumors that come to the outer parts of the body as a result of peccantic juices that have coagulated there. “Nodus.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 11 October 2022. These nodus or tophus are, it is said, formed of a thick, raw, heavy and indigible material, mixed with a bilious, hot and pungent juice, the coarsest and earthiest part retained in these parts forming straight stony concretions. See drops. (Y) • I would have covered the bones of the skeleton with dry skin that would have revealed the nodus.

(AGE. Corresp.) Number of points of the word nodus in Scrabble: 6 points It seems that nodus is created by an austere, cold and viscous humor that is often very difficult to solve. This is sometimes done using a mercury-coated lead blade applied to the nodus. But this term is especially true for tumors and protrusions that come to the gout joints, especially if gout is inveterate and is also called tophus. See Tophus. 1. Medical term. Inlay or tophaceous concretion that forms around joints affected by rheumatism or gout. Warning: The words in the vocabulary list are only available via this Internet browser. As soon as this list is copied into your vocabulary trainer, it is available everywhere. NODUS, (in surgery) pure Latin word, but which cannot be used in Francis in surgical matters; This means a tumor that comes on the bones, that runs for the ordinary of an STD, see Tumor & Os, it is the same as nodules in Francis. 2.

It has been said, in a broader sense, the bulging part of certain bones. How can I continue my translations in the vocabulary trainer? This word belongs to the category of French words with 5 letters. XVI century. Nodus is a round, hard and immobile tumor, therefore by the similarity of a rope knot, Paré, V, 17. Nodus I and Nodus II are traditional names sometimes given to several stars in the constellation Draco: Do you want to add words, phrases or translations?.